Facebook to Notify Users When Friends are Nearby

Facebook users will soon be able to receive notices on their mobile app when they’re near friends, signaling an effort by the online social network to play a bigger role in real-world interactions.

Users will have to opt in separately to the feature, called “Nearby Friends,” and agree to give Facebook permission to track them at all times, even when not logged into Facebook.

via Facebook to Notify Users When Friends are Nearby – Digits – WSJ.


Speechless. Yeah we were too. Isn’t it recognised world wide that there is a bullying epidemic via Social Media – YES. Then please explain how Facebook is being even the slightest bit responsible by adding a “feature” like this? Oh it’s great if you want a certain person to know you are nearby right now (even when you are not logged into Facebook) but not so great for so many reasons we won’t bother trying to list them all.

How about we mention just one. Ever heard about Facebook stalking? Ever heard about a child being stalked on Facebook. WELL NOW THE STALKER WILL KNOW WHEN THEY ARE NEARBY IN THE FLESH.

If you don’t see that this is an unbelievably serious issue now maybe you will after your child, teenager, daughter, son turns this cool new feature on and……… your son tells you “Well the bullies found me at the shopping centre because “Near by friends” told them that he was there” Or your daughter was surprised to see a friend of the family (twice her age) who “happened” to “bump” into her at the train station on the way home. He saw that she had updated her profile and just wanted to say hi and tell her how hot and sexy she looked. Creepy………………

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Girl, 16, stabs best friend 65 times following Facebook argument

Girl, 16, stabs best friend 65 times following Facebook argument | Herald Sun

Girl, 16, stabs best friend 65 times following Facebook argument

Anel Baez (right) was stabbed over 60 times after a Facebook argument got out of control. Source: Facebook Source: Supplied

A 16-year-old girl is alleged to have murdered her best friend by stabbing her over 60 times following a Facebook dispute.

Mexican news website, Notus , reports that Erandy Elizabeth Gutierrez and Anel Baez, both 16, were besties who were often seen posing together for photos for Facebook. But when Baez uploaded a picture of them both naked to the social network, Gutierrez became furious and threatened to “bury” Baez before the end of the year. A threat that wasn’t empty.

via Girl, 16, stabs best friend 65 times following Facebook argument | Herald Sun.


This is not Facebooks fault. It doesn’t make people murder each other. It’s the fault of the people who misuse it.

The act of posting ONE naked photo on a PUBLIC website caused such outrage in what was obviously an unbalanced person resulted in a premeditated fit of rage ending a life. It is possible that this was going to happen one day anyway. The trigger could have been any number of things. But the fact is this.

There is no other medium available today that could more POWERFULLY AND PUBLICLY betray a trust, reveal a secret, shame a “friend” than this “Social Media”.

It’s the POWER that it provides that is the problem. One photo, one click – but the impact to friends, family, extended family, the resulting gossip, innuendo, mis-communication, misunderstanding, regret are all available when things go wrong in person, at a party, one on one. But all of it is taken to the extreme because the impact of a single, simple act is multiplied thousands and thousands of times, because it is shared with the world.

Millions of relationships have been and ARE being damaged because this media is simply too powerful and too easily misused. Even accepting that fact, that it is in some way responsible for the carnage and destruction left in it’s wake, people will continue to use it…………..

Was there life before Social Media? Are there people living happy lives without it?

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Study: More Time on Facebook Could Mean Worse Body Image for Women – US News

As if you need another reason to spend less time on Facebook.

An international team of researchers has found that spending more time on the social media site could hurt a woman’s body image.

The findings, set to be presented at a conference next month in Seattle, could have implications for those suffering eating disorders.

“Public health professionals who work in the area of eating disorders and their prevention now have clear evidence of how social media relates to college women’s body image and eating disorders,” one of the researchers, Petya Eckler, a journalism lecturer at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland, said in a statement. “As experts in the field know, poor body image can gradually lead to developing an unhealthy relationship with food.”

In fact, because Facebook users are often looking at photos of people they know, browsing social media could ultimately prove more fraught than flipping through the pages of the latest Vogue or Cosmo, she said.

“These comparisons are much more relevant and hit closer to home,” Eckler argued. “Yet they may be just as unrealistic as the images we see on traditional media.”

Eckler and two other researchers — Yusuf Kalyango of Ohio University and Ellen Paasch of the University of Iowa — surveyed 881 college women about their Facebook use, exercise, eating habits and body image. The team found that it was able to predict how often the volunteers compared their own bodies to those of their friends, and how often they felt badly about their bodies after looking at someone else’s posts or photos.

“While time spent on Facebook had no relation to eating disorders, it did predict worse body image among participants,” Eckler said.

via Study: More Time on Facebook Could Mean Worse Body Image for Women – US News.


So do you want your daughters to develop a poor body image or eating disorder?

Obviously no one would want that so the answer is obvious – Quit Facebook 

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Social media: government sees and hears all

After the Immigration Department pressured a Sydney woman to remove a Facebook post, Noel Towell examines the extent of government monitoring of social media.

In an office in the Immigration Department’s Canberra headquarters in early 2011, a public servant was hunched in front of a computer monitor experimenting with something called Radian 6.

The bureaucrat was testing the capacity of the software to monitor Twitter comments about the politically-charged department.

Elsewhere in the building, the former bureaucrat believes, others were testing the ability of the software to keep tabs on other social media platforms, and to give the department’s bosses – and their political masters – a high-tech picture of who was saying what about them and their policies.

Immigration was initially excited by the software, which, by using the right key words, could compile lists, almost instantaneously, of people tweeting about certain issues: keywords such as “detention” “asylum” and “Malaysia solution”.

“It gave you a long list of people who had tweeted using any of those words,” the former bureaucrat told Fairfax.

“The program can also create a sort of concept map, showing you the users who were making the most comments.”

Another former departmental employee confirms the trials took place but has a different take on the official enthusiasm for Radian 6.

Managers were impressed with the power of the software, the employee says. But in the end even Immigration, with its large unit of spin doctors, didn’t have the manpower to trawl through the sheer volume of online “shite” generated and the program was not adopted for service.

Three years later, Radian is now commonly used in the commercial world to keep tabs on their “mentions” and the software is no longer the weapon of choice for the public service.

A program called BuzzNumbers is now used throughout Canberra’s government departments to routinely do what Immigration was dreaming of back in 2011; to monitor the online interests of millions of Australians.

Read more via Social media: government sees and hears all.


Do you finally now understand that there is NO PRIVACY on Facebook? Is the message finally getting through?

Surely the fact that some fat middle aged bald guy in his late 50’s is able to legally trawl through every thing that you do on Facebook etc is enough to at least make you think about quitting? But then if you don’t care about your account and information how do you feel about the fact that they can and DO monitor everything your 13 year old daughter does? What about your 18 year olds, what about your Wife or Husband?

Do you care that your Government monitors and demands that certain people remove certain posts and information?

If you do then take back your lives and Quit Facebook.

If you don’t, well that is exactly the way Facebook wants it.

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Why I Quit Facebook And Why You Should Too | Elite Daily

I’m no longer on Facebook. I was for many years, but I couldn’t put up with it any longer, as I derived zero pleasure from it, yet couldn’t stop looking at it. I realize that I’m leaving behind the ability to see photos of my childhood friends’ children, engagement announcements from acquaintances and photos of your gourmet dinner.

But I won’t be missed. With only an occasional photo comment and the requisite birthday thank you, I’ve kept my Facebook footprint to a minimum. Facebook operates more or less as a left-out-in-the-open diary for a generation whose inherent need for reassurances and “likes” has become too much for me to process. I had been contemplating the move for a while — when creeping around on Facebook became too laborious, I conceded that it had nothing left to offer me.

via Why I Quit Facebook And Why You Should Too | Elite Daily.

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Kids to speak up about bullying | Sky News Australia

Kids to speak up about bullying | Sky News Australia

Mental health group KidsMatter is urging parents to use the national day against bullying to chat with their children about their online activities.

About 2000 Australian schools have signed up to take part in the fourth National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence on Friday.

The aim of the day is to help children prevent and intervene in cases of bullying before they go too far.

KidsMatter psychologist Dr Lyn O’Grady told AAP regular, ongoing and non-confrontational conversations between parents and children were best, ‘getting kids to know it’s OK to talk about it (and) you won’t ban them from using (social media),’ she said.

According to KidsMatter, about one in five children have reported being victims of cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying can have serious mental health effects and, to many of its child victims, can seem inescapable.

Dr O’Grady says that’s not surprising, considering how many children use the internet.

Cyberbullying can be more pervasive than bullying in the schoolyard and can ‘happen where you are’, she said.

Bully Zero chief executive Oscar Yildiz is encouraging kids to shut off and ‘detox’ from social media for 48 hours.

‘It’s a serious issue,’ he told Macquarie Radio on Friday.

‘By 2020, the challenge with social media will be the biggest issue facing Australians.’

But Dr O’Grady said shutting off all technology could leave children socially ostracised in the digital era.

The National Day of Action focuses on all types of bullying and violence impacting children.

This year Facebook, in partnership with anti-bullying group Project Rockit, will hold a safety workshop for Sydney high school students.

via Kids to speak up about bullying | Sky News Australia.


OK people, somebody out there has got to stop for just a second and really think about this article.

This issue has become so bad that there is now a national day against bullying. And they suggest that you use this day as an opportunity to chat with your children about their online activities. Lets just review a couple of these incredulous statements:

  • ‘By 2020, the challenge with social media will be the biggest issue facing Australians.’ and the only thing we can do about it is have a chat with our kids!! Is that all?
  • ‘It’s a serious issue,’ he told Macquarie Radio on Friday and all we can do it chat about it!!
  • Cyberbullying can have serious mental health effects and, to many of its child victims, can seem inescapableSerious mental health effects – and all we can do is chat about it!!

And then after all this they say don’t ban them from it or else they may feel ostracised. They clearly must be insane.

Why? Let’s look at this logically. If the issue here was not social media but lets say alcohol, would we treat it the same way? If the alcohol was causing serious mental health issues (and it does) would we just chat to our alcoholic children about it or would we take the alcohol away?

The fact is that social media was never intended for children. Many adults cannot cope with this virtual world so how can we imagine that our children ever would?

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How Facebook users are being scammed by ‘naked friends’

How Facebook users are being scammed by 'naked friends' | Technology | Tech News and Latest New Technology | | Herald Sun

Don’t be tempted to check out your friends in the buff. A Facebook virus is currently doing the rounds promising videos of your naked mates.

ANOTHER day, another online scam you should be aware of.

This time, internet security company Bitdefender has identified a virus preying on the carnal temptations of Facebook users by sending messages promising to have a naked video of their friends.

Those who can’t resist and click to have a peek will be redirected to a fake YouTube website where a Trojan is deployed and malware installed on your machine with the intent to not only spread the virus but also compromise your private data.

To make the scam more credible, cyber-criminals also increased the number of views of the adult video and included “age-restricted” subtitles based on “Community Guidelines.” The date is also adjusted to imply real-time content.

Scammers have made this fake YouTube site look real enough to fool.

If you have ashamedly clicked on the link you’re not alone as more than two million users have allegedly done the same. The virus hit Australia shortly after its debut and has since seen more than 2000 people infected according to research released by Bitdefender Labs.

To avoid being infected dodge clicking on any messages titled in the following way:

“[user’s name] private video”

“[user’s name] naked video”

“XXX private video”

via How Facebook users are being scammed by ‘naked friends’ | Technology | Tech News and Latest New Technology | | Herald Sun.


Yaaaaa not only does Facebook tell you how many friends you have (90% of them being strangers) now you can see them naked! Don’t want to get infected by this or thousands of other facebook scams then Quit Facebook

We know, you would if you could, you would actually like to, you have actually been thinking about it but……….. which is so sad. But you can do it, life will not end. How do we know? Because tens of thousands have done it already and yes they are still around but now more alive then they have been for years. It’s something to do with PHYSICAL social contact. You could have this too. But to really experience it you have to Quit Facebook first.

Find out why these people quit the big FB

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