Facebook sex page alarms school by shaming kids as young as 13

Cyber bullies have been spreading explicit sexual rumours about children on a cruel Facebook page. Picture: Peter Cronin Source: Quest Newspapers

A FACEBOOK page spreading explicit sexual rumours about pupils at a northern suburbs school has been shut down.

The page, referred to as a “Burn Book”, asked Fremont-Elizabeth City High School students to “name and shame” others.

It was shut down by Facebook hours after it appeared online yesterday.

Similar Facebook pages also appeared yesterday targeting students at other northern schools, including Mark Oliphant College, Craigmore High and Gawler High.

Moves are underway to have those pages closed.

Mark Oliphant College principal Lynne Symons took to school’s official Facebook page last night to label the pages “disgusting”, “vile” and “harassing”.

“We have reported ours to Facebook and to SAPOL,” Ms Symons wrote.

“I would strongly suggest all parents check that their child has not been involved.

“Students need to be aware that screen shots have been taken and all comments must be removed.”

The pages, which appear to have all started yesterday, were “liked” by thousands of Facebook users.

“The other major disappointment is the number of young people who have liked these pages and the appalling comments that have been posted about other young people,” Ms Symons said.

Fremont-Elizabeth principal Peta Kourbelis said that as soon as the school was made aware of the site targeting its pupils, it had made every effort to have it removed.

“We’ve made reports to Facebook, we’ve informed police and reminded students about their obligations about not going on it,” she said yesterday.

“We haven’t been able to find the creator.

“I just got off the phone with the police to try to do that. They (people posting on the page) don’t realise how public (and) hurtful it is.”

Ms Kourbelis said the school had been proactive in explaining the dangers of social media.

“We have brought in people such as (murder victim) Carly Ryan’s mum to talk to the students – we have brought in the police to talk about the dangers of Facebook,” she said.

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