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Facebook video investigated after Carolina Picchio leaps to her death

ROME — An Italian prosecutor has opened an investigation into how Facebook allowed the publication of insults and bullying posts aimed at a teenager who later leapt to her death from her third-floor bedroom window. Carolina Picchio, 14, from Novara … Continue reading

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Goodbye Facebook – and I really, really mean it this time.

Originally posted on The Author Who Supports:
You’re leaving Facebook? You’re leaving us? You can’t leave Facebook! Umm yeah I can and I have. (It’s a website. A website. I can leave a website). But what about your book? How…

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Find out why these people Deleted Facebook

Why I Deleted My Facebook So much information about ourselves is given freely via Facebook  Your favorite food, your birthday, family feuds, who your friends are, your grades last semester, what you like to do on the weekends, etc. This isn’t … Continue reading

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Facebook Depression

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Facebook’s mission and the power it gives to share – anything!

What is Facebook and what is it’s purpose?  We say: Facebook is an application, service or piece of software which runs on hundreds and thousands of machines, computer servers in air-conditioned computer rooms all over the world. It’s purpose it to make money … Continue reading

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