Find out why these people Deleted Facebook

Why I Deleted My Facebook

So much information about ourselves is given freely via Facebook  Your favorite food, your birthday, family feuds, who your friends are, your grades last semester, what you like to do on the weekends, etc. This isn’t deeply personal information, and you do  control the amount your put online (somewhat), but these are the little things you get to know by spending time with someone. All of my most solid relationships began with these little things. It would be nice if someone, or everyone, just asked me these things in person, but Facebook makes this little step unnecessary so no one ever has to ask and I never have to tell…. they just know…which is weird.

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Why & How I Deleted Facebook

For many, Facebook is ingrained to the point where we can’t imagine living without it. It seems so useful. You can look at people’s pictures. You can check relationship statuses. You can stalk guilt-free because everyone does it. You can “keep in touch” with friends and relatives

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Farewell, Facebook

in the relationship between you and social media, who is the parent and who is the child? Who is in charge?

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Social Media and todays pre-teens

But I honestly believe social media is a tool best left to adults. These kids do not have the common sense or street smarts to use these things. Parents are getting into trouble because their 12 year old is writing that they want to kill themselves. It is nit enough that a parent has to worry about everything else, but also worry about a world that doesn’t make sense to us. It will only get worse, any step we take to change this will be met with heated resistance. Good luck to all parents out there.

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“OMG! Look At How Much Fun We’re Having!”

Its hard for me to think of the advent of something that contributes more to one’s insecurities than social media.

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10 Reasons Why I Deleted my Facebook Account

In this age of distractions, I scarcely need another one. Facebook consistently broke my concentration, and I began to resent it. I realized when it was happening, but I simply did not have the discipline to keep myself off it until my work was done. I found myself unconsciously logging on to Facebook throughout the day. That’s how addiction operates. Somehow you end up with that drink in your hand or the pipe in your mouth.

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I Deleted My Facebook Account Last Night

I felt tied to Facebook at a deeper level. Facebook somehow Trojan horsed into my brain and warped what my idea of what a “friend” was. At least, I’m putting some burden on them, fully acknowledging this was in my control too. This is the point where people on their high horse who haven’t battled a mild form of Internet addiction scoff at the idea that I could lose sight of what a friend is. You and your horses.

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Why I Deleted My Facebook Account

If I feel the need to discuss an event or something of interest, I prefer to do so by engaging in private conversations with significant people I legitimately care about.

Both of these inclinations are antithetical to the behaviors that Facebook reinforces. One of the things that creeps me out the most about the core Facebook demographic—I call them “Screen People”—is that their entire joie de vivre seems centered around documenting their moments on Facebook’s screens. The Screen People derive their real pleasure from assembling a two-dimensional record of the (often insignificant) day-to-day minutiae of their lives.

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Why I Deleted Facebook

I was tired of being a narcissist.

Posting statuses in the hope that someone will “like” or comment on my greatness, taking awesome pictures of myself in the hope that someone will recognize how beautiful I am, and actually thinking that an amazing and witty “about me” section would make others realize my greatness, I realized, was not a very good way to practice humility, for which as a Christ-follower I strive.

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Why I Deleted My Facebook Account 

The idea of deleting my Facebook account actually made me panicky and that in itself actually strengthened my resolve. For gods’ sake, five years ago I had never even heard of Facebook, and now I am having an anxiety attack at the thought of getting rid of it? Facebook had to go.

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