Facebook cuts ads from controversial pages – that encouraged rape, abuse, violence against women.

FACEBOOK is pulling ads from pages that contain violence or sexual content.

The social network says that on Monday it will expand its definition of pages and groups that are too controversial to carry advertisements.

Facebook has sought to strike a balance between giving its 1.1 billion monthly users the freedom to post what they want and providing advertisers with space to sell their products.

In May, Facebook Inc lost more than a dozen advertisers, at least temporarily, after the activist group Women, Action and the Media urged an advertising boycott to protest hate speech on the Facebook site.

The controversial content included grisly photos and mottos that encouraged rape, abuse and other violence against women.

The company said then that it would review its guidelines.

via Facebook cuts ads from controversial pages | Information, Gadgets, Mobile Phones News & Reviews | News.com.au.


So do you feel reassured? Facebook is not the internet, it is a company with “guidelines” which has allowed the most atrocious adds to appear on peoples personal pages for years. Now after all this pressure they are going to “review” their guidelines, and expand its definition of pages and groups that are too controversial to carry advertisements. 

Really take a second to think hard on this. Consider the fact that people LIVE in Facebook. Have their family living in Facebook and yet somehow believe that it is free of violence and sexual content………things that encourage rape………..that is the way you want it if you have your 13 year old son or daughter using it right? But really people just how well do you think Facebook could ever hope to enforce any guidelines on content from 1.1 Billion users. Who decides what the “balance” is to users freedom to post what they want, and yet still filter out the controversial content? But (screaming here) the ability of people to post what they want is the whole problem.

The reality is that Facebook’s application of any guidelines will only ever be reactive, that is to only act after enough people or groups have complained. By then it is far far to late and the damage to your 13 year old girls and boys, teens and adults has well and truly been done.

Finally: it’s almost as if the ads were the only issue, how are their guidelines being applied to all the personal pages that currently exist with controversial content? You don’t have to look hard to find them, and if you can do it your kids have already seen it all anyway…………….

Get your life back, Quit Facebook NOW.

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