Facebook Party – Everyone is invited

Reforms crack down on parents and teens to control Facebook parties | Technology | Tech News and Latest New Technology | | The Courier-MailOUT-OF-CONTROL Facebook parties are costing police in excess of $50,000 to shut down each time, the Queensland Police Commissioner said today.

Speaking in regard to new legislation which would see parents and teens fined for hosting wild parties, Commissioner Ian Stewart said they were financially and physically costly to the community.

“To call together 20 or 30 police in a very short time in the middle of the night will often cost in excess of $50,000 when you take into account wages and the follow-up,” he said.

“Worse still is when you take into account the injuries to those officers that they suffer, the downtime, the medical costs, the costs of the hospital, the costs of the ambulance, the costs of our transportation system.”

via Reforms crack down on parents and teens to control Facebook parties | Technology | Tech News and Latest New Technology | | The Courier-Mail.

Glen Eira police warn parents against social media parties

GLEN Eira’s top police ­officer is warning parents to steer their children away from parties promoted on Facebook.

The message comes after several underage parties in Glen Eira and Kingston spiralled out of control ­recently.

Officers spent two hours dispersing more than 200 youths from a house in Caulfield on September 28.

Riot police hit by Facebook party chaos as 4000 turn up to viral invitation in sleepy Dutch town

RIOT police have been forced to contain thousands of party-goers who turned up after a teenager’s birthday invite on Facebook went viral.

Dutch news agency ANP quoted a correspondent as saying the situation in Haren near the northern city of Groningen was getting out of control as police were pelted with stones, bottles, bicycles and pots of flowers by angry youths.

Describing “chaos”, ANP quoted local police as saying several people had been injured, two seriously.

Cost of shutting down out-of-control Facebook parties is up to $50,000

OUT-OF-CONTROL Facebook parties are costing police more than $50,000 each time to shut down, Police Commissioner Ian Stewart said on Sunday.

Police stop Glenhaven Facebook party before it starts

HILLS police and the riot squad shut down an underage “Facebook Party” on Glenhaven Rd before it got started on Saturday night after discovering the venue on social media.

Police shut down Facebook parties involving underage teens

POLICE played cat and mouse with underage party-goers at a house at New Farm in inner Brisbane after the event was posted on Facebook.

Officers were called out to break up an underage gathering in Oxlade Drive after an event was posted on Facebook with more than 200 confirmed attending.

More than 30 teenagers were already on site when police arrived about 8pm and 50 more were turned away once the party was shut down.

Police called to underage Facebook party at Logan as teens turn violent

POLICE were called to Logan to shut down an out-of-control underage party advertised on Facebook, where bottles were smashed and neighbours abused.

Police late tonight surrounded the railway station at Loganlea to try and locate party organiser Yohans “Yoyo” Shol after hundreds of underage revellers responded to a party advertised on Facebook.

Officers rushed to a vacant block of land on Webb Street in Loganlea about 7.30pm where hundreds of teens had begun brawling in the street, smashing bottles and screaming abuse at neighbours.

Police said they had been monitoring the party on social media for a week leading up to the event but were led on a wild goose chase after organizers changed the party location three times to evade detection.

Wentworthville Facebook party ‘out of control’

THREE people have been arrested after an out-of-control party in western Sydney left a wave of destruction across three streets with cars rolled over by hordes of roaming teens.

Police swarmed Fulton Ave, Wentworthville and surrounding streets after receiving triple-0 calls from residents watching their streets descend into mayhem.

Cars were flipped upside down and had their windows smashed and mirrors broken off after the party, which was believed to have been posted on Facebook, got out of hand.

Vic Facebook house party ends in riot

POLICE have been pelted with bottles and fireworks during a riot after a massive Facebook-organised party called “mayhem” in an unoccupied Melbourne home.

Up to 400 teenagers clashed with police after partygoers set off fireworks and gatecrashers showed up at the Glen Waverley house.

About 700 people had been invited to the party, mostly through Facebook, according to a group of youths who returned to the house on Saturday.

“They called it mayhem,” one teenager said of the Facebook invite.

Police outwitted by a new breed of party planners as suburban streets become alcohol-fuelled battle zones

PREMIER Campbell Newman has offered to support police requests for extra resources to help monitor teen parties organised through social media.


Speechless? Oh come on now you don’t think I am blaming Facebook for all this….. do you? I mean it’s not Facebook’s fault, in fact nothing that happens on Facebook is Facebook’s fault. It all depends on how it’s used, right?

Everyone should have access to Facebook all they need to do is learn how to use it responsibly and we will all get along just fine. If this is what you think then then you must also agree with the pro gun lobby who has a similar view. They say that you can’t just go and ban guns. Everyone should have access to a gun because guns don’t kill people, people do. So guns are not the issue, it all depends on how they are used, right?

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