Facebook instead of breakfast!

Are you addicted to social media? Chances are if you’re skipping breakfast to indulge in some FB, Instagram or Twitter, time you might be. Results are in from The Galaxy Research in a study that revealed a third of Australians start their day with a social media fix rather than eating breakfast. The main reason? There’s just not enough time to eat. That’s 86 percent of 18 to 24 year-olds who skip breakfast, with 69 percent of this group still finding time for social media in the mornings. The study also showed that nearly one million Aussies find time for sex but not breakfast — wow!

Accredited practising dietitian and director of the Australian Breakfast Cereal Manufacturers Forum, Leigh Reeve, says it is a worrying trend. “The research shows for most Aussies it takes less than five minutes to make and eat a bowl of breakfast cereal, yet breakfast is being sacrificed as people choose a Facebook newsfeed over a real feed to start their day,” she says.

So it’s time to fess up. Do you skip breakfast but still find time for social media?

via Reasons For Skipping Breakfast.

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