Tragic family’s crusade against bullying | The Mercury

CHLOE Fergusson gave the appearance of a typical teenage girl.

The 15-year-old loved watching Home and Away, listening to pop music and was interested in fashion.

She had aspirations to become a hairdresser or a beautician and always took immaculate care of her appearance.

Like many teenage girls Chloe would take “selfies” and post the pictures on Facebook.

The youngest of six siblings, Chloe lost her mother after she had a long battle with breast cancer in 2006 when Chloe was just seven. The family pulled together and remain close.

Yet none of her brothers or sisters was aware that for three tortured years Chloe was the victim of severe physical, verbal, mental and cyber bullying.

“We could not believe that the girl we knew as so happy, confident and compassionate could be seen as otherwise by anyone else. We were horrified,” said Chloe’s oldest sister, Cassie Whitehill, 30.

Last Tuesday, Chloe caught the bus into town after school, as she did every weekday.

Ms Whitehill said two people were waiting for Chloe at the Elizabeth St bus mall.

She was king-hit from behind, kicked, and the assault filmed on a phone camera by the attacker’s accomplice.

Ms Whitehill said the video was posted on Facebook that night. It has since been removed.

Two days after the attack, Chloe was found in her room after taking her own life.

via Tragic family’s crusade against bullying | The Mercury.


This from Sixty Minutes

Chloe Fergusson was just like any other 15-year-old girl – she loved hanging out with her friends, talking about boys and she was always on Facebook.

Like so many teenagers, Chloe knew what it meant to be bullied.

For years she’d endured verbal and physical assaults but when Chloe went home and shut her bedroom door, the bullies were still there.

Because the latest, possibly greatest, weapon in bullying is social media.

For Chloe, the impact was devastating.

Last month, she took her own life.



After years and years of bullying the Facebook video was the final straw.

We are getting desperate now when we plead with everyone, get your families off Facebook. Now it’s about saving lives. How sick is that?

Quit Facebook Now

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