Charlotte Dawson found dead – bullied by “Social Media”!

A series of intersecting and stressful events formed the backdrop to the final hours of an already vulnerable and depressed Charlotte Dawson, who killed herself in her luxury waterside apartment at Woolloomooloo.

The television presenter said she had never experienced death threats of the “ferocity” she experienced on Twitter. She said when she returned home from a party that night in August, she was confronted with a stream of abusive messages, some of which said “stick her head in a toaster” and “kill yourself”.

Dawson spent hours fending off the attacks, but signed off at 2.07am with the message: “you win x”, with a picture of a hand holding tablets. She also tweeted: “Hope this ends the misery”.

Dawson said that the online trolls got to her. But the anonymous online attackers were cowards, she said.

“If you’re going to express those points of view, you should do it with a face and a name so that you can be accountable. It’s the anonymity they celebrate because they think there are no consequences.”

via Charlotte Dawson found dead.


Charlotte clearly identifies the problem with this thing called “social media” whether it be Twitter, Facebook, what ever, “It’s the anonymity they celebrate because they think there are no consequences.”

If you don’t think that this cyber bullying issue is a real problem, now out of control, read on…. Now they are trying to create legislation to “control” it. Yeah good luck with that one.

Get back your lives, quit Facebook, Twitter etc and enjoy a real “Social” life. People need you, the real you, not your likes and status updates.


Charlotte’s Law – Tougher Cyber Bullying Legislation

We ask that the Australian and State Governments introduce cyber-bullying laws to tackle serious online abuse – not just for kids, but for adults too. The police also need the resources to be able to enforce them, and act against those who relentlessly harass others online.

Social media companies like Twitter must also take a more active role in the prevention of cyber bullying. We ask that together we unite to change the cyber bullying platform.

read more via Charlotte’s Law – Tougher Cyber Bullying Legislation

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