Frenzied social media backlash – or a simple case of being bullied by Facebook?

A Catholic owner of a chemist who discourages customers from buying oral contraception for birth control purposes has been dropped from the Soul Pattinson group.

Soul Pattinson released an official statement on their website and Facebook page, after a frenzied social media backlash to the pharmacist’s public stance on birth control.

Devout Catholic Simon Horsfall may own a pharmacy but he stands by his religious beliefs when it comes to selling oral contraception.

The owner of Soul Pattinson Pharmacy in Thurgoona, NSW, recently came under fire on social media (were bullied) for asking customers who purchase the contraceptive pill for birth control to buy it elsewhere. spoke to him about his religious beliefs and his stance on “artificial contraception”, which he has enforced for the 12 years he has been owner the Thurgoona store.

A disgruntled customer posted a photo of the note on Facebook, receiving about 1500 shares at the time of press.


via Soul Pattinson drops Catholic chemist owner who discourages customers from buying contraception |


Why do a post about this article? This post is not about the person/s involved. It’s not about religion. It’s not about the subject of the media storm. This post is about the POWER of Facebook, and other types of social media.

Does anyone see the issue here?

Here we have a person running their own business with a certain viewpoint for some twelve years. A note added to a packet for TWELVE YEARS. It was a quiet way for them to voice their religious beliefs without confronting anyone, or even denying them this product. It is a free country – isn’t it? It’s their business. So what is the issue?

The issue is that they have been PUBLICLY BULLIED by FACEBOOK. This was not confined to just a disgruntled customer, their neighbours and friends. Not even to the local community. No this was broadcast to the world.

Do you see it? They have been bullied for their views? Bullied via social media, but then how is this social? Bullied not to their face but remotely via FACEBOOK. Would the people who took part in “the frenzy” actually say these things to their faces?

Do you need to read again the comment that should blast you in the face? “A disgruntled customer posted a photo of the note on Facebook, receiving about 1500 shares at the time of press.” This is the power one person has via Facebook with a few clicks of the mouse.

What damage has this done to this persons 12 year old business and their professional reputation?

But the bigger question that you should be asking right now is – who’s next?? 

Sadly who’s next is here – Charlotte Dawson found dead – bullied by “Social Media”!

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