Unsocial Media: The Impact of Facebook on Building True Community

Originally posted on Julie Williams Armstrong:

There are 1.3 billion users on Facebook and yet, I suspect that as individuals in a society, we’ve never felt so alone. Consider your current Facebook feed. More than likely, it’s a mosh pit of:

  • Look at these pictures of my fabulous vacation
  • Listen to me complain about the weather
  • Help me to find a box of legos for my kid
  • Watch this ridiculous video of my cat
  • Congratulate me on my latest fitness goal
  • Celebrate my recent project success

Do you see the pattern? Me. ME. ME!!!!!

Now before I get too far, let me confess: Yes, I have a Facebook and I use it fairly regularly. My husband and I recently relocated our family to another state for work, so I particularly appreciate Facebook for keeping tabs on the friends and family we left and so they can keep tabs on … well, yes … me.

But, are…

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