Study: More Time on Facebook Could Mean Worse Body Image for Women – US News

As if you need another reason to spend less time on Facebook.

An international team of researchers has found that spending more time on the social media site could hurt a woman’s body image.

The findings, set to be presented at a conference next month in Seattle, could have implications for those suffering eating disorders.

“Public health professionals who work in the area of eating disorders and their prevention now have clear evidence of how social media relates to college women’s body image and eating disorders,” one of the researchers, Petya Eckler, a journalism lecturer at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland, said in a statement. “As experts in the field know, poor body image can gradually lead to developing an unhealthy relationship with food.”

In fact, because Facebook users are often looking at photos of people they know, browsing social media could ultimately prove more fraught than flipping through the pages of the latest Vogue or Cosmo, she said.

“These comparisons are much more relevant and hit closer to home,” Eckler argued. “Yet they may be just as unrealistic as the images we see on traditional media.”

Eckler and two other researchers — Yusuf Kalyango of Ohio University and Ellen Paasch of the University of Iowa — surveyed 881 college women about their Facebook use, exercise, eating habits and body image. The team found that it was able to predict how often the volunteers compared their own bodies to those of their friends, and how often they felt badly about their bodies after looking at someone else’s posts or photos.

“While time spent on Facebook had no relation to eating disorders, it did predict worse body image among participants,” Eckler said.

via Study: More Time on Facebook Could Mean Worse Body Image for Women – US News.


So do you want your daughters to develop a poor body image or eating disorder?

Obviously no one would want that so the answer is obvious – Quit Facebook 

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