Girl, 16, stabs best friend 65 times following Facebook argument

Girl, 16, stabs best friend 65 times following Facebook argument | Herald Sun

Girl, 16, stabs best friend 65 times following Facebook argument

Anel Baez (right) was stabbed over 60 times after a Facebook argument got out of control. Source: Facebook Source: Supplied

A 16-year-old girl is alleged to have murdered her best friend by stabbing her over 60 times following a Facebook dispute.

Mexican news website, Notus , reports that Erandy Elizabeth Gutierrez and Anel Baez, both 16, were besties who were often seen posing together for photos for Facebook. But when Baez uploaded a picture of them both naked to the social network, Gutierrez became furious and threatened to “bury” Baez before the end of the year. A threat that wasn’t empty.

via Girl, 16, stabs best friend 65 times following Facebook argument | Herald Sun.


This is not Facebooks fault. It doesn’t make people murder each other. It’s the fault of the people who misuse it.

The act of posting ONE naked photo on a PUBLIC website caused such outrage in what was obviously an unbalanced person resulted in a premeditated fit of rage ending a life. It is possible that this was going to happen one day anyway. The trigger could have been any number of things. But the fact is this.

There is no other medium available today that could more POWERFULLY AND PUBLICLY betray a trust, reveal a secret, shame a “friend” than this “Social Media”.

It’s the POWER that it provides that is the problem. One photo, one click – but the impact to friends, family, extended family, the resulting gossip, innuendo, mis-communication, misunderstanding, regret are all available when things go wrong in person, at a party, one on one. But all of it is taken to the extreme because the impact of a single, simple act is multiplied thousands and thousands of times, because it is shared with the world.

Millions of relationships have been and ARE being damaged because this media is simply too powerful and too easily misused. Even accepting that fact, that it is in some way responsible for the carnage and destruction left in it’s wake, people will continue to use it…………..

Was there life before Social Media? Are there people living happy lives without it?

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